Here’s some interesting reference for crowd funding at Industrial Designers Society of America regional event.  I was curious to find if the “The 4-hour Work Week” book of Timothy Ferris still valid in these days, and find it’s referred professionally here.

“You can build an entire business through the Kickstarter crowd-funding model,” Antonioni said, suggesting dramatic change is in store for the traditional brick-and-mortar business model.
Antonioni mentioned The 4-Hour Work Week book of Timothy Ferriss explaining how Kickstarter can work.

Crowd-funding topic on mind of designers – News – Plastics News.

I was impressed the coverage of services and methodology listed there,some of them are out of service now though.

Here we provide Blogging capability with MVP as core business scheme,  as stated in the book.


Social Networking for Business


Social Networking for Business that Matters

In a good old days, mailing list, BBS, forums and blogging networks were medias for social networking, mainly for consumer and small business. Then twitter changed the landscape. When I first try twitter years ago, I quite did not understand what it is for.

Social networking in these days represented by twitter, facebook, Linked-in, Google+, Tumblr and Pinterest. Those are all driven by business use as twitter established its position as an ultimate realtime messaging vehicle to public.

As social networking for business media, I felt it’s like twitter when I start using it, but a specialist of it, made a excellent infographic about it.

In any case using social networking, having a foundation like blogging site of its own brand is most important. The name makes reputation including history for search engine, and it’ll be stronger as it lasts with compounding effect.


social networking by pinterest

PIO – Pinterest Image Optimization – An infographic by the Pinterest Marketing team at Pinnable Business.

The Year of Empower to the World


The Year of EMPOWER to the World is Here!

“For the right person, there’s not much you have to say;
For the wrong person,there’s not much you could say.”

If you are the right person, watch this:

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Making Big Money in Japan




Columbus Headed for the Island of Gold, Jipang, old name of Japan.

It seems people around the world still think that way.

As you’re probably already aware, Japan is a very unique place. No where else in the world will you find the same outrageous opportunities to make money that are open to just about anyone.

Here’s what to do per an article of Matt Canham in Escape Artist site.

  • English Teaching
  • Acting/modeling/voice overs
  • Dancing/hostessing
  • Wedding minister
  • Headhunting

The chances are even larger now as less competition in these market after the earthquake disaster.

Many of them do not require Japanese language skills, which is most difficult to acquire to compared with other languages.

Headhunting. The Headhunting industry in Tokyo continues to flourish unabated. New companies emerge quarterly and are still able to bill fees of 30 – even 35% in some cases. Most of the “recruiters” start out teaching English and usually have very little in the way of professional experience. As English speakers though, they are considered to be experts in dealing with foreign companies, which is more than enough to qualify them for the job. Here you will find recruiters – both male and female making 6 figures when many would struggle to hold down simple jobs back home.

This truly is an extraordinary opportunity open to anyone with some professionalism and knowledge of Japan.

Do you agree with this?

If so, the opportunity is even larger online.

Many silent Japanese people who can read and understand English language are only watching article like this online but don’t know how to react on it.

Using machine translation like google translate with some research opening a window to that world easily.

There are bunch of opportunity on making big money in Japan by combining view on both languages.


How to Create a Winning Meme [INFOGRAPHIC]

Nyan-Cat and double rainbow were the two big recently I noticed.  Anita Li at mashable analyze and illustrate the cook book for winning Meme.  These certainly lies online communication stream.

I also participate the piggy-back chain. That’s meme!


You can transfer these meme into yours by following proper instruction.

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